Fit4You Collagen


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Fit4You Collagen is a nutritional supplement with a unique formula that contains the body’s own natural ingredients of the highest possible quality. We have combined them with leading experts in the field of healthy nutrition, orthopedics and dermatology to create a multiply stronger effect together. If you have problems and joint pains, bruising syndrome, skin problems of any kind or weakened and breaking your hair and nails, Fit4You Collagen is designed for you.


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1×10 tbl. / deň
Balenie = 1 mesiac


Contain1 server
Pig hydrolyzed collagen 4900mg
Chondroitin sulfate   400mg
MSM       100mg
Calcium    100mg     
Vitamin C60mg
Hyaluronic acid0,8mg
Vitamin D31,25mcg


Pig hydrolysed collagen

It is the most represented protein in our body. Ladies will appreciate its anti-age effect on juvenile and hard skin, but in particular it promotes strong joint regeneration for both athletes and those who have joints strained and suffer from pain. Collagen is found in all organs and tissues and acts as a supporting structure. Its deficiency causes brittleness and brittleness of your bones, eye, skin, and cardiovascular problems. Regular use of high-absorbency collagen, as found in our product, favors your entire body and proclaims the aging and wrinkle war.

Hyaluronic acid

Together with collagen, it is the basic building block of the skin. Her job is to hydrate the skin and hair. It helps to remove cell waste and contributes to the creation of new ones. Unfortunately, in the end, its production in the body decreases, so we recommend it regularly to supplement it.

MSM (natural sulfur)

Biologically active organic sulfur has unbelievable therapeutic and preventive properties. Serum is the third most abundant mineral in the human body. It alleviates problems with arthritis and asthma. MSM is a powerful antioxidant and significantly reduces free radicals. It is also effective against chronic pain, asthma, parasite, cancer, autoimmune disease, and the like.

Chondroitin sulfate

It is one of the main cartilage components. Provides structure and retains water and nutrients, but allows other molecules to move through cartilage. As a result, the healing of the joints is significantly increased by means of supplementation.